Welcome to the Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley website!

Welcome to the Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley website!

Principal’s Message

Come Together …

Posted: 2/18/2017

Dear Families,

Join us for the 2017 Cherry Valley PTA Variety Show on Friday 2.24.17 at 5:30pm and/or Saturday 2.25.17 at 5:00pm. Under the humble direction of Barton Smith and wonderful support from his wife Kristin … it promises to be two events full of singing, dancing, acting, joking and showing the community the talent that soars! The year’s theme celebrates the things that unite us – with the timeless classic from the Beatles Come Together … as the underlying theme.

Also coming up after spring break (3.20.17-3.31.17) will be the 2017 PTA Cherry Jubilee on Saturday 4.8.17 from 6:00-10:30pm … not 3.8.17 per previous Principal’s Message … my apologies for that date error. It promises to be a fabulous adult event at the new location Petaluma Hotel. Many thanks to Gabriella St. Clair (PTA President) and all the volunteers who are working hard to make this a great Eighties Event! I do hope you can join us in support of fundraising for many programs for our students. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Spring Conferences are coming up soon! Please plan to pick up your child/ren at 12:45pm on the following days. Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this time of celebrating student progress. K-5: 3.7.17-3.17.17 12:45 dismissal and 6-8: 3.13.17-3.17.17 12:45 dismissal.

Safety and Respect in the Parking Lot Please make every effort to park on the street in the morning for NBCC drop off. The staff need to have open spaces in the staff parking lot, to park and get in to plan for their day. Thank you for your consideration. Also the Fire Lane is not to be used for student drop off or pick up at any time. Thank you for adhering to these guidelines – it is appreciated!

Thank you for all you do in partnership to support our work with your students. Together we are better!

Stay dry … spring is on its way 🙂

In partnership always,

Fran Hansell