The Friends of Cherry Valley Library

The Friends of Cherry Valley Library, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group that supports the library at Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley, in Petaluma, CA.  We are committed to keeping our full-time librarian on staff, and our library shelves stocked with quality, high interest books for our eager readers.

We have several fundraisers during the year to support the library. Our school library receives no state funding for library books. The school’s budget only covers a part-time librarian. 100% of donations to the Friends of Cherry Valley Library directly support the school library.

2016-2017 Officers

President:  Sonia Pai
Vice President: Meagan Gazzoli
Secretary:  Michelle Gabbert
Treasurer:  Sue Kintz
Teacher Rep:  Eleanor Haynes & Liza Eichert
Webmaster:  Sonia Pai
Membership:  Meagan Gazzoli
Book Fair Chairs:Meagan Gazzoli/Christy Howard
Literature Night:  Kindra Gass/Jen Sheldon

Get Involved

Shadowing is a great way to help the library and learn a job you are interested in with the hope that you might take on that job for the 2016-2017 school year. New volunteers are always welcome in the library, so please let April Derby know if you are interested in shadowing or helping out in the library for the next school year.