Each week your child brings home a book bag  with a practice book to read.  This activity is wonderful already, but what if you could extend this experience and create an easy writing activity that supports age appropriate writing in the same way?  Are you sold yet?

Each patterned predictable book provides the pattern or frame for a new version of the same book.  When a child can add, change, or revamp a book to suit their tastes, they have ownership of the writing and reading of their own ideas.

A favorite book is, Dan the Flying Man.  To change the pattern you might take dictation, ask your child to copy text if they wish.  

“ I am Dan the flying man catch me, catch me if you can.

Over the ___________.

Under the   ___________.

Through the ___________.

All the  ran and ran, they caught Dan the Flying man.”

Are you a animal fan? Lego fan? sports fan? Many themes work well.  Give it a try!