Lunch Menu

The school lunch menu can be accessed at

Salad Bar

Every Wednesday our school salad bar is open and free to students. Parents are asked for a $5 donation. The salad bar is made by parents and students in cooperation with classroom teachers. Each week a different classroom is responsible for providing the salad bar.

Salad Bar Schedule

Coming soon.

Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley Educational Foundation

The Educational Foundation is a group of parents, faculty, faculty alumni and community members, all dedicated to supporting a vibrant  educational experience for our school. We support the mission and programs of Mary Collins School through fundraising and grant writing.  Through the generous contributions of our school community, we have been able to underwrite the costs associated with our art and music programs, guidance counseling, algebra-readiness and environmental education programs. These contributions are tax-deductible because Cherry Valley is a non-profit, tax-exempt public charter school.

Support the Foundation

You can support the Foundation by joining us at the monthly meetings and assisting with the Spring Fundraising Campaign. Go to the Foundation’s Contact Us page and email or call the Foundation to learn how to help.

Monthly Board Meetings

The Educational Foundation holds a board meeting every month and you are welcome to join us. They are scheduled for the second Thursday each month at 5:45 pm in the Mary Collins Library. If you would like to confirm that our regular meeting is scheduled as usual please contact us.

Mailing Address:

MCS@CV Educational Foundation
1001 Cherry Street
Petaluma, CA 94952

Our TAX ID # is 94-2847212


President: Mimi Knop
Vice President:  Jenny Cherney
Treasurer: Dena Grunt
Secretary: David Gottlieb