• Lisa Lewis
    Lisa Lewis Fourth and Fifth Grade

    I have taught at Mary Collins School for 13 years. 11 years in K/1 and 2 years in 4/5. I love my job! I like to get kids excited about doing their personal best in everything they try!

    I have a BS in Business from Sacramento State and I got my graduate degree from Dominican University.

    I have two daughters, Christina and Courtney, who are 22 and 20 years old. Christina will be graduating from USB this spring and Courtney is on the Equestrian team attending Sonoma State. I also rescue dogs and currently have four spoiled doggies and two very old cats!

    In my spare time I like to garden, craft, read and anything outdoors! My favorite subjects to teach are History and Language Arts.

  • Craig Wicks
    Craig Wicks Fourth and Fifth Grades

    I received my BA in Applied Human Geography and French Language from California State University, Stanislaus and my Teaching Credential from Chapman University. I began teaching elementary school in 1989 with a 4th grade class at a small private school in Sacramento.

    I have always gravitated towards project-based lessons and frequently use real-life experiences to make learning meaningful. When I joined Mary Collins’ School in 1999, I was delighted to find a site aligned with my philosophical approach, educational values, and teaching style.

    I love to incorporate singing, dance, movement, and drama to promote student discourse. I integrate the use of the outdoor classroom, global perspectives and real world discovery with indoor classroom experiences. I equally value math, science, engineering, language arts, and social-emotional awareness.

    When I’m not teaching I enjoy backpacking to hot springs and riding my mountain bike over the beautiful trails of Sonoma County with my wife and two adult daughters. I also practice and teach yoga to keep my life in balance.

  • Trinity Pellkofer
    Trinity Pellkofer Fourth and Fifth Grade

    A good friend of mine has said, “All roads lead to Cherry Valley”, and mine certainly has!  Having grown up here in Petaluma, with many of my closest friends attending this fantastic school, I have always felt that our school was a special place that brought forth amazing and creative people.I chose Mary Collins Cherry Valley for my two children, Georgia and Evan, who over their K-8 experiences found their passions, visual art, theater, and music, enriched, encouraged, and expected at MCCV.  My own history of growing up with my Mom, local fine artist Ginger Irwin, and attending the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, coupled with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from San Francisco State, helps me bring my passions of art and classroom community to the forefront of my teaching.

    4th and 5th grade is an amazing year, filled with growth, independence, critical thinking and buckets of creativity.  4th and 5 this a special time in your child’s elementary experience that I completely love and enjoy.  Having taught all grade levels K-6, I’ve come to really understand that these two years are an important time of transition, self-reflection and preparation for middle school.  We have an amazing teaching team, with fantastic, rich, integrated curriculum, including yearly overnight field trips that become a legacy memory of the years spent here.

    When I’m not at school, you might find me walking around town with my husband, Frank, and my two dogs, Ruby and Champ.  I love to get exercise out in nature, traveling around the country with my kids (10 more states before I see all 50!), and visiting my Grandson, Elijah, and his parents in Missouri.