Mentors is a cross-age reading program in which MCCV 7th and 8th graders support first, second, and third graders during after-school sessions.  The program offers intensive and supportive reading practice for primary students just learning to read.  Participating students meet in the Lodge for thirty minutes four days a week.

Younger students show noticeable gains in fluency and confidence that helps build a community that loves to read.  During the process, older mentors often gain self-confidence and leadership skills and their own academics improve as they inspire young readers. Community is built across our school as cross-age pairs develop relationships.  The home-school connection grows as younger children read take-home books with their families.  At the same time, some older children share reading strategies they have learned with younger siblings, friends, and neighbors.  Although participation in the activity is completely voluntary, it has evolved into an integral part of MCCV’s literacy program.  It is wonderful to see so many kids enthusiastically engaged in reading.

If you ever have any questions about Mentors, please contact, Dana Gottlieb, our reading specialist, or your child’s teacher.