• Denise Howe
    Denise Howe Second and Third Grade

    Denise Howe, BA (Liberal Studies), MS (Curriculum and Instruction), is both a parent and a teacher at Mary Collins School. She has worked with Petaluma City Schools since 1996, and joined the Mary Collins School staff in 2006.  She is a former big-wall climber, competitive athlete and currently finds her happy place reading voraciously, mostly non-fiction. Her classroom is energetic, sometimes silly, and full of a very curious bunch of folks, ready to explore, create and get things done. Polka Spot, the class mascot, makes frequent photo bombs, which adds to the fun.

  • Gena Richman
    Gena Richman Second and Third Grade

    Hello! To those who do not know me, please let me tell you a bit about 4 of my passions! The Arts, the Environment and Teaching and Learning! Growing up I remember endless summer days and nights, playing outdoors until I heard my name wafting out over the countryside calling me to come home to eat! It was the time of riding my bike endlessly (streamers attached of course!), catching fireflies, hide and seek in the dark, summer rain storms that had me waiting with excited anticipation for big lightening flashes and counting the seconds until the big “boom”. In my early twenties, I lived in England for a couple years, traveling and going to school. When I returned to the States, I decided that I just wouldn’t be satisfied until I came to California. I drove across country in my MGB with everything I owned and arrived in Sonoma County. It stole my heart immediately. It is here that I have lived longer than anywhere else in my life and have raised my two amazing children with my equally amazing husband of over 30 years. I am so grateful to be in this community of learners here at Mary Collins School. I cannot imagine myself teaching anywhere else! Six to nine year olds are absolutely delightful and the best thing is that I get to know them for a long time as they go through the the grades here at school! Viva “Lemon-lime” (aka: Alumni) Lunches!

  • Eleanor Haynes
    Eleanor Haynes Second and Third Grades

    Hello! I’m Eleanor Haynes and I teach 7th/8th grade Core and Math. I’ve been at Cherry Valley for 24 years, some of those as a parent and the rest as a teacher. I love working with middle school students—they keep me learning and on my toes, and I love that! Outside of school I spend time reading, cooking, traveling, playing games, spending time with my dog, Radar, and excitedly waiting for the birth of my first grandchild in May of 2015.

  • Erin Wilson
    Erin Wilson Second and Third Grade

    Bio coming soon